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A large listing of the men who fought in the Civil War can be found at the Civil War Soldiers and Sailor System: http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/

The numbers used below are from the Soldiers and Sailor System website.

All men were listed as "Dalton" unless otherwise noted.


Union Army

Indiana                Illinois                Iowa        

      Kentucky          Missouri             New York             Tennessee


31 Caleb
152nd Rgmt, IN Inf , enlisted for 100 days in 1864, born 1829 OH. 1880 living in  Hendricks Co. IN with wife Mary (Jenkins), age 49 and four children: Cora, Henetta, Frank, and William. Calebe was still living 1920, age 90.

175  Hugh
Private 4th Indiana Cavalry, Co. G, Hugh, b. ca 1843 Lawrence Co. IN, d. 9 July 1863 of sickness/disease. Buried Hamer's Pioneer Cemetery, Lawrence Co. IN. Unmarried. Son of William W. Dalton, Jr., and Elizabeth Todd. Hugh wrote the following letter: "I would like to be at home with you all. Still I want the rebellion put down first, then home would be sweeter. I hope there is a better day coming and that we may all live in a land of peace and enjoy the pleasures of life and liberty once more. This is a fine country, good land, and fine houses, but it is going to destruction fast. We are destroying everything that belongs to a Rebel, confiscating all slaves, and so on. Lija [Lige?] . . . got a letter yesterday and it said you were coming down. I think you better not as it is so much trouble." [Source: a Lawrence Co. IN newspaper following the Ken Burns series on the Civil War. Article "Civil War affected Spring Mill residents," by Rex Deckard, historian.]

176 Ira A.
Co K, 133rd Rgmt, IN Inf, enlisted 17 May  1864 for 100 days, and Co B, 149th Rgmt, IN Inf, enlisted 14 Feb 1865, out 24 June 1865, , widow Lucy drew pension. Son of John J. and Manola  of Clay Co IN

244 and 246 James L.
Pvt, 10th Rgmt, IN Inf, enlisted 1861 for 3 mos 1861, and 1st Lt, Co F, 72nd Rgmt, IN Inf, out  as a Capt., born OH about 1838.   265 Jesse  Dalton    Co I , 38th Rgmt, IN Inf , enlisted 18 Sept 1861 from Orange Co IN.

392 Marion Dalton  and 57 Marion Dolton 
Co B, 149th Rgmt, IN Inf, enlisted 15 Feb 1865, born 1830, living 1860 Martz, Ind (Clay Co), wife Susan. 

434 Nathaniel W.  Dalton  and 15 Nathaniel W. Daulton
Co B,  16th IN Inf, mustered in 18 Aug 1862, killed 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post. He was born 1843, son of George W. and Nancy (Medlock) Dalton. Nathaniel was living at home in 1860 at Mt. Carmel, Washington Co IN. (Nathaniel-3, George W.-2, Elijah-1 of Pittsylvania Co. VA)

504 Samuel
Co K,  53rd Rgmt, IN Inf,  born 1843 Orange County,  enl 24 Feb 1863,  out 21 July 1865 at Louisville, , married 17 Dec 1962 Elma B. Boyd. Samuel was a lawyer living  1880 Boone County, Nebr,  1910 Cowley County, KS, died 4 Dec 1919, Winamac, Pulaski Co, IN, age 76. son of Samuel 60  in 1860  and Hannah 56, both born VA


543  Thomas S.
Private 4th Cav. Co. G., Thomas, b. ca. 1832 Lawrence Co. IN. Married 6 June 1859 to Julia Ann Neal in Lawrence Co. Thomas died 1863 in service from sickness/disease. He was a uncle of Hugh and William D. Dalton and son of William W. Dalton, Sr. and Rebecca Evans. Thomas wrote a letter for all three (Hugh, Bill, and himself):

Sept 4th 1862 - Camp Morton - Indianoplis [sic]
Dear Father I take this present oppertunity to inform you that we are all well at presant and hope when these few lines come to home may find you enjoying the same good Blessing We got to camp safe and sound We had a good time of it We had to lay over at Seymore 5 hours The Boys at camp are all in very good health The next morning after we got up here We had to gard the Bull Pen again But all the prisners was gone We had to keep the rats and Body gards inside of our Beats [?] We are all in good spirits considern the gloomey times We here [hear] that the enemy is near to hand But we are not preparid We are not Driled We hav not got our horses and equipment But if they come We will give them the Best that we have got in the ____ We understand that the First company that went out of our regment to Kentucky was taken prisner and parold [paroled] Some are up here now We sent a gum Ball to Bob by William McCall [?] to John Lowell or to William Furgason Some of the Boys were put in the gards today They are geting [sic] very striked now But the Boys still Brake gard Thare [there] is not much whiskey drank in camp like thare was when we first came up here But that is all the better for us We driled [drilled] some today We do not no [know] what we are a going to do yet I hope they will soon commence to drill us rite We must close by saying that you must rite soon Direct your letters to the 77 reg 4 Cavaraly [sic] in care of Capt Krithley? So no more at present But remain your sons Hugh and William Dolten and your Brother Thomas
The ritter of this letter sends you his best respects to you all it is poorly done


580 Timothy  
143rd Rgmt, IN Inf, born 1835 Ireland, in Allen Co. IN in 1860, wife Johanna also born Ire. , died 1916 at Ft. Wayne, Ind (Allen Co), age 82


642  William D.
Private 4th Cav. Co. G, "Bill" b. 11 Jan 1844 Lawrence Co. IN., d. 20 July 1910 Bryantsville, Spice Valley Twp, Lawrence Co, IN. Married Rebecca A. Williamson 16 May 1878 Lawrence Co. IN. Brother to Hugh and nephew to Thomas S.

Following are excerpts from some of Bill's Civil War Letters:

" . . . some bushwhackers rushed in about daylight and caught them asleep. It is reported that some of them got killed, but I haven't heard who. We have had some hard fighting here and have lost one man out of our company. Our loss is great, some eight or nine hundred killed and something like 10,000 wounded. Thomas Williams is. I think they will treat him well. I know you will hate to hear it . . . I think we killed more of them than they did of us . . . I has been rainy save all day and all night. No more at present. " [dated September 30, 1863]

" . . . They attacked about sun up. I was in bed and they got my boots and two pair of drawers. They got everything. I and Lige had but the shirt and pants we had on. We killed four of them and wounded five. We got reinforcements this evening . . . I tell you pap, the bullets flew around me as thick as hail . . . I can't write half I'd like to, I have no paper. Write often, yours ever . . ." [no date] Source for these two extracts are the same article by Rex Deckard noted at the end of Hughs's letter.


16  Augustus
11th Rgmt, IL Cav, born 1846, son of Isham and Chloe, living in Peoria Co IL in 1860, married Nancy McMullen in Peoria Co., received a Pension.

60  Cicero
9th Rgmt, IL Cav, born 1840 and died in 1826, son of Avery, lived in Knox Co IL in 1860, married Clarinda. (Cicero-3, Avery-2, Henry and wife Choe-1)

80  Dexter N.
113th Rgmt, IL Inf, b. NY, married 1882 Ford Co IL to Sarah J. Johnson.

149  Henry
8th Rgmt, IL Cav, son of David and Lucy of Knox Co IL.

166 Henry S. 32nd Rgmt, IL Inf, wife was Cornelia A.

380  Kingsbury
14th Rgmt, IL Inf, in hospital (location not given) 31 Dec 1864 for diarrhea. Released. He was born in IN and lived in Cass Co IL.

381  Lafayette C.
155th Rgmt, IL Inf, son of Avery and Delilah of Peoria Co IL; had brother James Jackson. Avery was the son of Isham of Peoria Co, and Delilah was the daughter of Henry Dalton.

385  Lewis
83rd Rgmt, IL Inf, b. 1826, son of Samuel and Ludah in Knox Co IL, married Martha Hamilton in 1849. Lewis died 1903 in McDonough Co IL.

404  Naylor [listed as “Maylor”]
105th Rgmt, IL Inf, in Livingston Co IL. His wife Mary drew a pension.

499  Samuel
Co G, 83rd Rgmt, Ill Inf, enlisted 7 Aug 1862, mustered out 26 June 1865 at Nashville,  from Macoupin Co IL. Born 1842, son of David and Lucy, married Hannah Myers in 1866. Samuel died 1897 in IA.

531  Thomas
38th Rgmt, IL Inf, son of Reuben and Nancy (Hays) Dalton. He was born in 1841 and died in 1864 or 1868. (Thomas-3, Reuben-2, Isham and Mary(Goad) Dalton-1)

567  Thomas E.
58th Rgmt, IL Inf, married Catherine McCall in 1858 in Will Co IL.

589  William
83th Rgmt, IL Inf, son of David and Lucy, married Catherine Hedstrom in 1867 in Knox Co IL. William died 1912.



11  Amaziah
8th Iowa Inf., b. 7 Nov 1831 in Nevada, Mo. (Vernon County), living single in 1850 Logan County, Ill.,  married 5 Feb 1852 in Logan to June Lucas,  born 11 Feb 1837, daughter of Thomas.  On Story County,  Iowa census 1858 (state)  (spelled “Dolton“) and 1860 (federal), enlisted in Union army from Story,  living Poplar Bluff, Mo (Butler Co)  in 1890, died  6 Nov 1898,  widow Jane filed for a pension from Mo but she died 13 Mar 1899,  both buried Marble Hill cemetery in Poplar Bluff. 



28  Booker White Dalton
19th Regiment, KY Infantry, Booker White Daulton was born 17 December 1841 and died 31 March 1898. He was the son of William W. and Dicey West Daulton. Little is known of Booker’s childhood other than he was probably raised near Somerset as his father and mother are buried in the Somerset Cemetery. By 1861 the Civil War had broken out in America. Dividing lines were being drawn. For whatever reason Booker elected to join the Union Army. Shortly after the Battle of Mill Springs (January 1862) Booker White Daulton joined the Kentucky 19th Infantry and was placed in Company C with the rank of a private. Anderson Webb, father of my grandmother Mary Rhoda Jane Webb Daulton (wife of William J Daulton), joined the same regiment about the same time and was placed in company A.  It is interesting to note that most of the young men in our area of that time joined the Union instead of the Confederacy.  

In the Battle of Cumberland Gap I had three Grandfathers involved in that battle. Booker W and Anderson Webb were both with the USA KY 19th and William Clifton with the CSA VA 64th. Unfortunately my Grandfather Clifton was taken as a POW and shipped to Fort Douglas in Illinois were he later passed away in that prison. Booker White Daulton served in the Kentucky 19th from 1861 into 1865. He mustered out in 1865 and the records showed that he was generally disabled. From this account we know that he was probably wounded on one or more occasions.

36  Carter D.
Pvt, Co H  30th Rgmt, KY Inf,  enlisted 24 Dec 1863,  out 15 Apr 1865, born 1838 Wayne County, Ky,  son of Carter T. and Kate. Carter D. still living 1910, Wayne County, age 72, wife Elizabeth “Bettie”  69  born TN., owned two female slaves in 1850.

139  George W. Daulton
Co. F, 1st Cavalry - Pvt; Co. A, 1st Cavalry-Sgt,. b. 1837 Pulaski Co. KY, son of Willis H. Daulton and Mathilda H. Todd. Before the war, George married Jane Roberts in 1860, Pulaski Co. KY.

168  Henry V.
9th Rgmt, KY Inf, , born  1838 Allen County KY, married Martha Spears.

238  James E.
Independent Battery C,  KY Light Artillery,  Meade County KY.

257  Jasper
Cpl, Co D  8th Rgmt,  KY Inf,  enlisted 25 Sept 1861,  out  17 Nov 1864, born Owsley County KY ,  living there 1860 with an Ogg family,  living in Owen Co KY  1890  as a veteran. 

354  John E.
Pvt, Co B  52nd Rgmt, KY Inf,  from  Allen County KY,  wives: (1) Alice E. 1880-1900, (2) Elizabeth 1910.

358   John H.
Pvt, 52nd Rgmt, KY Inf, son of Booker of Allen County KY,  John was living 1910,  wife Martha C.

384  Lewis
8th Rgmt, KY Inf,  b. VA, with Day family in 1860.

564  Thomas D.
Co. A and F, 1st KY Cavalry - Pvt Thomas Dyer Dalton, b. 4 Jan 1846 Pulaski Co. KY, d. 25 Mar 1923 Pulaski Co., son of James Gabriel Dalton and wife Stacy Buster. After the war, on 8 Mar 1866, Thomas married Mary Jane Tartar.

655  Willis Buckingham Daulton
Co. A and F., 1st KY Cavalry - Prvt, b. June 1848 Pulaski Co KY, son of George Dyer Daulton and wife Talitha Trimble. Willis married Nancy Catherine Noel on 25 Feb 1870, Gallatin Co. KY.

657  Wyatt
Cpl,  Co G  19th Rgmt, Ky Inf,  born 1845 Calloway County KY,  son of Wyatt, Sr  b. VA and Susanna. Wyatt [Jr] living 1870  Itawamba Co MS and 1900 Limestone County TX

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--- Adam H.
Co K, 68th Rgmt, MO Inf, enlisted 28 July 1862, ordered discharged per surgeon’s certificate. Merchant in 1860 census, married Nancy J. Adam was son of John, b. NC, and Sarah, b. TN, of Madison and Ripley Co. MO.

108  Francis H.
4th Rgmt, MO State Militia Cavalry, enlisted 1862 at age 67 (gave his age as 53), discharged April 1863 for disability. Francis, b. 1795 in Albemarle Co., son of Isham and Elizabeth (Walton) Dalton, m. Biddy Chance

261  Jeremiah
47th MO Inf, Co. I, b. 13 Apr 1833 Ripley Co. MO, d. 1881, son of William and ___, m. Nancy J. Hurt 9 Apr 1854. Jeremiah drew a pension.

New York 

1  Abram F.
Co I, 132 Rgmt, NY Inf, musician, captured Batchelor Creek NC 1 Feb 1864, POW at Andersonville Prison, survived.

21  Benjamin
Co K, 37th Rgmt, NY Inf, enlisted 7 June 1861 from NY City, deserted 15 July 1861.

22  Benjamin
Co H, 17th Rgmt, NY Inf, enlisted 28 May 1861 from Norwich NY, deserted 9 June 1861, to reserve Corps 12 Sept 1863 (probably wounded), born 1833.

507  Samuel F. [listed “Samuel P.”]
Co K, 22 NY Inf, POW Andersonville, died Florence, SC. (Near war's end POWs at Andersonville were moved east.)


70  Daniel W.
1st TN Mounted Infantry (Mtd. Inf.), son of Shelton and Leona J. Dalton of Macon Co.

76  David
1st TN Cavalry (Cav), from Sumner Co., also listed under 'Dolton'

324  John
7th Mtd Inf., said to be the same as Thomas W. of the same regt.

477  Porter
enlisted 1865 at age 18, 9th Cav., son of David T. and Mary of Jeffeerson Co.

582  Walter B.
2nd Lt., 1st Inf, son of James of Roane Co.; also under 'Daulton.'

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Confederate Army

Alabama            Arkansas            Georgia             Kentucky             Louisiana

Mississippi            Missouri             South Carolina            North Carolina

Tennessee             Texas             Virginia


24  Alexander F.
Co G, 38th AL Inf, captured 16 May 1864 Resaca GA, discharged 11 June 1864 when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

357  Perry W.
Pvt, 21st Rgmt, AL Inf, surrendered 4 May 1865 at Cottonville AL, paroled 13 May 1865 at Meridian MS. Born 1836 GA, lived in Pike Co AL in 1880 with wife Nancy M., record gave father’s birth in NC and mother’s in GA.

144  Granville
Moreland’s Rgmt, AL Cav, captured 14 Sept 1863, sent to Alton IL 3 Oct 1863, survived, died March 1880 McNairy Co TN.


102  David R.
8th Rgmt, AR Infantry, son of D. B. and Mary Dalton, Independence Co. AR.

200  J. H. [ Joel H.]
8th Rgmt, AR Inf., b. NC, son of Thomas and Jane Dalton of Independence Co. AR.


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51  Burrell
1st Confed Army of TN, 2nd Rgmt, Co. D, enlisted 1 May 1862 at Walker Co., Pvt, wounded Chickamauga GA 19 Sept 1863, absent wounded 31 Aug 1864, no later record, b. 1842 SC, son of Burwell and Lucy B. (Clardy) Dalton.

63  Calvin H.
24th Rgmt, GA Inf., Co. A, Pvt, enlisted 24 Aug 1861 Banks Co. GA, captured Russellville TN 3 Feb 1864, paroled Camp Chase OH, sent for exchange 2 May 1865 via New Orleans LA; received at Vicksburg 12 May 1865, b. 1841 son of George and Frances of 1860 Banks Co. His name spelled a variety of ways, including “Chapel H., “Chapman,” and “Chapler.”

70  Charles B.
Co. A, 12th Georgia Light Artillery. Killed at Richmond (Cold Harbor), Virginia, on 3 June 1864. Great-great grandfather of Bob Dalton.

78  Claiborne [H.]
18th Rgmt, GA Inf, Co. G, enlisted 1 May 1861 Bartow Co. GA, last appeared on roll Aug 1862, Claiborne b. 1846, son of Claiborn and Elizabeth (Barfield) Dalton.

118  Eli C.
17th Rgmt, GA Inf, Co. D, enlisted 13 Aug 1861 Decatur Co. GA, roll for 28 Feb 1865; last on file shows him absent; furloughed from hospital for 60 days 21 July 1864, no later record. May be Eli, son of John Dalton and his wife Lucy (Dollar) who lived in Decatur Co. GA 1840-1870. Same Eli was b. 1848.

236  James R.
7th or 11th Rgmt, GA Inf., Co. H, enlisted 31 May 1862 Cobb Co., Pvt, discharged 19 June 1862. son of Carter and Elizabeth Dalton, b. 1828.

246  James W.
1st Confed Army of TN, 2nd Rgmt, Co. D, enlisted 1 May 1862 at Catoossa Co., took oath to U.S. govt at Chattanoog TN, released 12 Feb 1864, b. 1844 SC, son of Boothe and Nancy Dalton , James W. lived in Catoosa Co. in 1860, m. Elizabeth.

250  Jesse
8th Rgmt, Co. K, Pvt, enlisted 15 May 1861 Oglethorpe Co. GA, severely wounded in arm and chest at 1st Manassas VA 21 July 1861; discharged: disability and overage 13 Aug 1861. Jesse b. 1799 or 1801 SC, d. May 1870, m. Elizabeth Ann “Betsy” Finch, no children. His nephew Peter (see in list) lived with Jesse and his wife.

---  Jesse
11th Rgmt, Co. H, enlisted 23 Mar 1862 Walton Co. GA, Pvt, lost arm in accident 23 Sept 1862, discharged: disability, 1862., b. 1838, son of Claiborn and Aliza, both b. GA., Jesse married Margarett Ann Chaplin 1856 and lived at Tanners Store area of Walton Co. GA in 1860.

271  John A.
16th Rgmt, GA Inf., Co. B, Pvt, enlisted 13 Aug 1861 Jackson Co. GA, captured at Sailor’s Creek VA 6 April 1865, released Newport News VA 25 June 1865, b. 1841 GA, son of Vincent and Mary Dalton.

309  Leonard
24th Rgmt, GA Inf.,Co. A, Pvt, enlisted 24 Aug 1861 Banks Co. GA, severly wounded in thigh and captured at Sharpsburg MD 17 Sept 1862, admitted U.S.A. field hospital at Burkittsville MD Sept 1862, exchanged at Aiken’s Landing VA 10 Nov 1862, captured and paroled Greenville SC 24 May 1865, b. ca 1832 SC, son of George and Frances Dalton, brother to Tolbert B. In Haversham Co. 1850, Banks Co. 1860 and 1870, m. Manda or Amanda J.

347  Peter
55th Rgmt, GA Inf., Co. B, enlisted 5 May 1862 Greene Co. GA, Pvt, discharged 21 June 1862, b. 24 Nov 1829, d. 1 Apr 1911, son of James and Frances Dalton of Walton and Oglethorpe Counties GA., m. Nannie Bevis 1882.

390  Rudolphus A.
64th Rgmt, GA Inf., Co. D, enlisted 20 Jan 1864 Dougherty Co GA, Pvt, surrendered at Apomattox VA on 9 Apr 1865. Only Rodolphus found lived in 1850 Houston Co. GA, age 5 that census, son of Marton.Minto and Elizabeth (they, b. SC).

406  Septimus
3rd Btn, GA Inf., Co. H, enlisted 17 Feb 1862 Muscogee Co., Pvt, transferred to Co. K 37th Rgmt GA Inf 6 May 1863, killed at Chickamauga GA 19 Sept 1863. Marriage, Muscoggee Co.: 4 Feb 1849 Septanens Dalton to Maria N. Odom.

432  Talbot or Tolbert B. [Benson]
24th Rgmt, GA Inf., Co. A, Pvt, enlisted 24 Aug 1861, wounded near Richmond VA 1863, captured and paroled at Greenville SC 24 May 1865, b. 1834 SC, son of George and Frances Dalton, brother to Leonard, Tolbert m. Amanda C.

518  William H.
6th Rgmt, GA Inf, Co. F, enlisted 5 May 1861 at Mitchell Co. GA, killed at Sharpsburg MD 17 Sept 1862.

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Moses Daulton
Not on Soldiers and Sailors List. From Mason Co. KY, he was arrested on 25 June 1863 and released after taking an oath to the U.S. Government and providing bond on 3 July 1863 at Union Head Quarters in Cincinnatti, OH. Select records can be found on Moses in the Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865, Confederate Side, NARA Roll M598_97. Moses was born 1825 Mason Co., KY and was the grandson of Moses Dolton and wife Mary Fristoe.

26  Alfred D.
8th Rgmt, KY Cav (Mtd Inf) , born 1845  KY,  son of  Alfred  and Elizabeth  of Logan County KY.

44  Berryman (listed as “Benjamin F.”)
Pvt, Malone’s Rgmt, KY Cav.  Born 1844, son of Alfred and Elizabeth and brother of Alfred D. (CSA 26) of Logan Co KY. 

146  H.B.
2nd Rgmt, KY Mtd Inf, born 1828 Ky,  a teacher, in 1850 Meade County, Ky,   son of F. P. and Kesiah.



177  J. G.
Sergt. Capt. Hutton's Co. (Crescent Arty. Co. A.) LA Arty. On Roll not dated, ordered into service of the State of Louisiana. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War show him captured at Fort DeRussy, March 14th, 1864, Recd. at New Orleans, March 26th, 1864. On Roll dated Office Commsy. of Prisoners, Dept. of the Gulf, New Orleans, LA, July 7th, 1864, Remarks: Has taken the Oath of Allegiance. Was administered by some Justice of the Peace while on parole.

182  J. J.
Com. Sergt. Capt. Hutton's Co. (Cres. Arty. Co. A.) LA Arty. On Roll not dated, ordered into service of the State of Louisiana.

--- John J.    [also J. H.]
Pvt. Bondurant's Co. 15th Battn. (Harrison's) LA Cav.

252  Joe
Pvt. Co. K. 13th LA Infty. Enlisted Sept. 27th, 1861, New Orleans, LA, for the War.

218  James
Pvt. Co. I. 20th LA Infty. Enlisted Dec. 21st, 1861, Camp Lewis. Present on all Rolls to Oct. 21st, 1862. Nov., 1862, to Feb., 1863, Absent on detached service. Roll March and April, 1863, Absent on detached service since April 22nd, by order GEnlisted Bragg. Rolls for July 1st, 1863, to Aug. 31st, 1864, Absent, sick, since June 28th, 1863.

263  John
Pvt. Old Co. A. and Co. K. 5th LA Infty. Enlisted May 7th, 1861, New Orleans, LA Roll to June 30th, 1861, Present, Transfd. from LA Grays to Monroe Rifles, 5th Regt., C. S. A., at Camp Moore, LA, June 4th, 1861. Rolls from July, 1861, to Feb., 1862, Present. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Bottom Bridge, Va., May 2nd, 1862. Forwd. to Fort Monroe, Va., May 24th, 1862. Born Ireland, age 35 years, height 5 ft. 8 in., hair dark, eyes brown, complexion fair. Recd. at Fort Columbus, N. Y. Harbor, June 4th, 1862. Exchanged at Aikens Landing Va., Aug. 5th, 1862. Rolls from July, 1862, to Dec., 1862, Absent. Detailed as Nurse for the wounded. Rolls from Jan., 1863, to May, 1863, Absent. Detailed as Hospl. Nurse, Aug. —, 1862. Has not reported since. Roll for May and June, 1863, dated Aug. 10th, 1863, Detailed as Hospl. Nurse, Aug. 25th, 1862. Deserted.

280  John J. [also J. J.]
Sergt. Woods' Regt. LA Cav. Enlisted Aug. 29th, 1861, Memphis, Tenn. Roll for Aug. 29th, 1861, to April 30th, 1862, Absent. Detailed in charge of horses at Rienza.

325  Mat
Pvt. Co. A. Miles Legion LA Militia. Enlisted Nov. 14th, 1861, New Orleans, LA Present on Roll to Dec. 31st, 1861.

328  Michael
Bonnabel Grds. LA Militia. List not dated shows him absent since Nov. 2nd, 186–. Cause not known.

330  Mike
Pvt. Co. H. 2nd LA Infty. Enlisted May 9th, 1861, New Orleans, LA Present on Rolls to Oct., 1861. Roll for Nov. and Dec., 1861, Absent. Detailed in Q. M. Dept., Oct. 17th, 1861. Still serving. Rolls from Jan., 1862, to June, 1862, Present. Rolls from July, 1862, to April, 1863, Absent from wounds recd. at Malvern Hill, July 1st, 1862. Rolls from May, 1863, to Dec., 1863, Absent. Wounded at Malvern Hill, July 1st, 1862. Was furloughed. Not heard from since. Supposed dead. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1864, Dropped from Roll, order of Comdg, Officer of Regt

348  P. Dalton
Pvt. Co. H. 5th LA Infty. Enlisted June 4th, 186–, Camp Moore, LA Roll for July and Aug., 1862, Absent without leave.

353  Patrick
Pvt. Co. I. 1st LA Hvy. Arty. Enlisted May 16th, 1861, Camden, Texas. Present on Rolls Jan., 1862, to April, 1863. Captured and paroled at Vicksburg, Miss., July 4th, 1863. On list dated Enterprise, Miss., Oct. 31st, 1863, Present in parole camp. Rolls from Oct. 31st, 1863, to Oct., 1864, Present. Roll for March and April, 1865, Deserted at Mobile, ALA, April 12th, 1865.

380  Robert
Pvt. Co. – Battn. Wash. Arty. Enlisted Feb. 23rd, 1863, Baton Rouge, LA, for the War.

381  Robert
Capt. Co. A. and B. 14th LA Infty. Enlisted May 27th, 1861, New Orleans, LA Present on Rolls to Aug., 1861. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured New Orleans, LA, June 18th, 1862. Remarks: At New Orleans on sick furlough.

382  Robert
Pvt. Co. D. 22nd LA Infty. Appears on Roll of Prisoners, Captured at New Orleans, LA, June 18th, 1862.

384  Robert
Capt. Co. H. 4th Regt. 3rd Brig. 1st Div. LA Militia. On List dated March 8th, 1862, ordered into service of the State of Louisiana.

415  T. G.
Pvt. Co. H. 5th LA Infty. Enlisted June 4th, 1861, Camp Moore, LA Present on Rolls to Feb., 1862. Roll Sept. and Oct., 1862, Absent without leave June 1st, 1862, Kentucky. Roll Nov. and Dec., 1862, Deserter.

440  Thomas
Pvt. Cos. C. and D. 20th LA Infty. Enlisted Aug. 18th, 1861, Camp Moore, LA Present on Rolls to Feb., 1863. March to Oct., 1863, Absent, sick, in Hospl. at Tullahoma, since March 2nd, 1863, by order of Dr. Holt, with descriptive list. Roll Nov. and Dec., 1863, Dropped. Deserted to the enemy Nov. 25th, 1863. Federal Rolls state, Captured Missionary Ridge, Tenn., Nov. 25th, 1863. Recd. at Militiary Prison, Louisville, Ky., Dec. 7th, 1863, from Nashville, Tenn. Forwd. to Rock Island, Ill., Dec. 8th, 1863. Died of typhoid fever, July 18th, 1864, at Rock Island Barracks, Ill.

441  Thomas
Pvt. Co. H. 11th LA Infty. Enlisted Aug. 18th, 1861, Camp Moore, LA Present to Oct. 31st, 1861.

445  Thomas H.
Sergt. Co. K. 5th LA Cav. On Roll of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Monroe, LA, June 9th, 1865. Res. Morehouse Par., LA

499  William     [also William J. and Wm. M.]
Pvt. Corpl. Co. D. 30th Regt. LA Infty. Enlisted March 1st, 1862, Algiers, LA Present on all Rolls to April, 1864. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured near Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 17th, 1864. Recd. at Military Prison, Louisville, Ky., from Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 20th, 1864. Transfd. to Camp Douglas, Ill., Dec. 22nd, 1864. Discharged June 12th, 1865, in accordance with G. O. No. 109, A. G. O., Washington, June 6th, 1865. Res. New Orleans, LA, complexion fair, hair light, eyes blue, height 5 ft. 7 in. [G.O. = General Order? A.G.O.=Adjutant General’s Order?]



11 A.H.
lst Rgmt, MS Cav,  a teacher born NC, with a Hornburger family in Monroe County MS 1860.

58 C. J.
Co. K, 37th Rgmt, MS Inf. Paroled after Vicksburg surrender

337 Nicholas 
2nd Rgmt, MS Inf, born 1841, living 1860 with parents Samuel  66  and Sarah 43, both born N.Car., Itawamba County, MS.

425  T. B.
4th Regt, MS Volunteers. Enlisted 24 Aug 1861 at Carrollton (also shown as enlisting at Grenada, MS). Pvt. in Capt. Jos. J. Gee’s Co. Captured at Vicksburg MS, 4 July 1863. Paroled at Vicksburg, 9 July 1863. Born in Georgia, resided in Texas 23 years now and is age 83 (1921), lived at Pittsburg Texas for 16 years. Occupation: bricklayer. /signed/ T. B. Dalton, 19 July 1921, Camp Co., TX. Witness: J. W. Thomas and W. F. Thomas, 19 July 1921.


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23  Alexander   [David Alexander]
8th Rgmt, MO Cavalry, b. 1842, from Cape Girardeau Co., the son of David (b. TN) and Elizabeth Cooper Dolton.

95  David    [Daniel]
15th MO Cav, b. 1844, son of David and Priscilla (Dennis) Dalton, in Madison Co. MO in 1870, m. Easter Rachel Young, d. 1921.

--- Elijah "Lige"
12th MO Inf., Co. H, b. 28 Oct 1832, d. 15 Feb 1906, son of David and Priscilla (Dennis), m. Gracie Jane Head. Elijah and Gracie buried Old Burr Cemetery, Ripley Co MO.

--- Elijah
12th MO Inf under Col. Lowe and Gen. Marmaduke, Co. H, b. 1838 Ripley Co MO, son of John and Sarah, m. Mildred Sebastian. Elijah was a postwar judge in Wayne Co MO, filed for pension.

123  Emanuel    (1841 - 1918)
8th Rgmt, MO Cavalry, from Cape Girardeau Co., son of David (b. TN) and Elizabeth (Cooper) Dolton.

139  George W.
6th Mo Cav,  CSA,  son of Elijah and  Sarah Nix of DeKalb County, Mo,   Elijah  son  of Isham and Elizabeth, Dalton,  born in Indiana.  George married 1871 in Mills County, Iowa, died there in 1911.

--- Harvey Dorton or Dalton
12th MO Inf, b. NC (see Cabarrus Co. NC 1850 Census, son of Charles, living in St. Francois Co. MO

166  Isham    "Isom" [M.]
12th MO Inf, Co E, b. 1836 AR, son of John and Sarah, m. Sally in Wayne Co. MO 1880

204  James M.
9th Battalion MO Sharpshooters, b. 1832, d. 1873, son of Elijah and Zillah (Gaines) Dalton, m. 1855 Ripley Co. MO to Eliza Louisa “Ella” Myatt. Widow was living in Randolph Co. AR in 1889.

296  Jonathan    (1826-1896)
8th Rgmt, MO Cav, from Cape Girardeau Co., son of David (b. TN) and Elizabeth (Cooper) Dolton.

306  Lafayette
12th MO Inf, b. NC (see Cabarrus Co NC 1850 Census), son of Charles, living in St. Francois Co. MO.

--- Levi C.   [Cornelius]
9th MO Inf, Co. K. Santo, Palo Pinto Co., TX. Served 2 years Co. K., Regiment White’s Ninth MO. /marked/ Widow Margaret Caroline filed for pension 11 May 1927 in Palo Pinto TX. Wintess: E. C. Watson and L. D. MccLish. Levi C. died 15 Dec 1921, Palo Pinto Co. TX. They married 25 July 1865, Ripley Co. MO. She was born Ripley Co. MO, age 79 (1927), a resident of Texas for 33 years. (Levi C.-3 Elijah & Zillah-2 John Elijah & Susannah-1)

311  Lewis  [Lewis Ferguson]
12th MO Inf, Co. H, b. 1829 MO, son of John and Sarah, m. Sarah Wilson Divers. Lived in Independence Co AR 1850, Collin Co TX 1853, 1860 Wayne Co where he was a physician.

--- Levi C.
9th MO Inf, Co. K. Santo, Palo Pinto Co., TX. Filed 14 May 1927, widow was Margaret C., middle name was Caroline. Levi C. died 15 Dec 1921, Palo Pinto Co. TX. They married 25 July 1865, Ripley Co. MO. She was born Ripley Co. MO. Now age 79 (1927), a resident of Texas for 33 years. Full name of husband was Levi Cornelius Dalton. Served 2 years Co. K., Regiment White’s Ninth MO. /marked/ 11 May 1927. Wintess: E. C. Watson and L. D. MccLish, Palo Pinto Co. TX, 11 May 1927.

314  Louis  [Lewis]
12th MO Inf, b. 1835, d. 1924, son of Elijah and Zillah (Gaines) Dalton, m. Jane Stubblefield 1861 in Randolph Co. AR, received land grant there in 1888.

30  Oliver D. Dalton and 20 Oliver D. Dolton
Sgt, Co G 12th Rgmt, MO Inf, enlisted 1862 in Capt. Holmes Co. Battles of Pleasant Hill, Prairie Grove, Saline, Helena, and Little Rock. Discharged 1865. Also Oliver D. Dolton, CSA 30 (Dolton). He was born 1833/4 to John and Sarah who were living in Madison Co. MO in 1850, m. Randolph Co. AR 1) Martha E. White 2) Pauline White, sister to Martha who died 1873

446  Thomas H.
Lieutenant, Co. E, 8th MO Cavalry. [1910 Benton Co MO - Thos H., 60, MO-KY-MO]

450  Thomas J.
Co. G, 8th MO Cav., b. TN, from Mississippi Co. MO

457  Timothy
8th Rgmt, MO Cav, b. 1835, son of David (b. TN) and Elizabeth (Cooper) Dolton, married Mary Davidson

--- William
12th MO Inf., b. NC (see Cabarrus Co NC 1850 Census), son of Charles, living in St. Francois Co. MO

497  William   [William Marion]
12th MO Inf., b. 1834, d. 1873, son of Elijah and Zillah (Gaines) Dalton, m. 1855 Ripley Co. to Mary Caroline Myatt.

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South Carolina

29  Amos H.   [Harrison]
Pvt., Co F and A,  Hampton Legion Inf,  from Greenville County,  son of Smallwood Jefferson and Rebecca (Eskew) Dalton, brothers #409 Smallwood J and #484 W. M. Born 1842, died  23 Mar 1864 as a POW at Camp Morton,  Ind., buried Green Lawn Cemetery, Indianapolis. (Amos H.-4, Smallwood-3, Burrell-2, Randolph-1)

In the Dalton Family Papers 18 Feb 1861-20 Oct 1864, at the Univ. of So. Carolina Library http://www.sc.edu.library/socar/uses/2001/dalton.html there are nine manuscripts, mostly letters from Amos H. to his father, Smallwood, who lived near Grove Station in Greenville District, SC. Extracts from a few of those letters follow:

        From Manassas Junction, VA, dated 31 Sept 1861: Amos gave the names of those who were attached to the Davis Guards of the Hampton Legion. At the time, Amos was convalescing from the measles.

        From Prince William County, VA, dated 27 Feb 1862, Amos questioned whether he would be sent to Tennessee and described his picket guard duty the night before: “hit was So darke that i coodent see not one thang to Save my life.”

        On 12 June 1862 he described a fight where “the balls fell all around me just like granes of wheat.”

        By September 1862, he was in Winchester, VA, where a kind citizen washed his clothes, gave him food, writing paper, and envelopes, and made him a haversack. 

        While Amos was in the hospital in the summer of 1863 in Petersburg, VA, his father gained permission and a pass to travel there to see his son. Smallwood wrote back to his family to tell them that Amos was better than expected and would soon be out of the hospital. 

35  Andrew J.
Cpl, Co C,  lst Regt S.Car Arty,  from Pickens County,   b. 1839, son of John and Mary (Hunt) Dalton,  brothers who also served: # 428 Thomas J, and # 251 Jesse. (Andrew J.-4, John-3, Solomon-2, Robert-1 and Mary (Key) Dalton of Pittsylvania Co. VA) 

49  Bradley  
Pvt, Co F,  5th Rmt, SC Inf and Co. F,  1st Rgmt, SC Rifles (Orr).  Born 1842/3 NC, son of Jackson and Adaline (Smith) Dalton of Greenville Co. SC in 1860. 

143  Gideon
Pvt, Fickling’s Co., SC Arty (Brooks Light Artillery), b. c1825, living with the Henry Tumbleston family in 1850 in Colleton Co. SC.

212 Jackson A. 
Cpl, Co F,  1st Rgmt, SC Rifles (Orr’s).

251  Jesse  
Co F,  1st Rgmt, SC Rifles (Orr), born 1841, son of John and Mary (Hunt) Dalton, brother of #35 Andrew J. and #428 Thomas J. (Jesse-4, John-3, Solomon-2, Robert-1)

313  L.H.   (Lewis or Louis Harrison) 
Pvt, Co C and I,  1st Rgmt, SC Arty, from Greenville County SC, born 23 Feb 1823 Rutherford Co NC, also lived in Henderson Co. NC. (Lewis-4, Elijah-3, William-2, David-1)

409  Smallwood  J. 
Co A,  3rd Rgmt, SC Reserves (90 days, 1862-63),  b. 1848, d. 1931, son of Smallwood and Rebecca (Eskew) Dalton, the only son of Smallwood to survive the war and brother of #29 Amos H. and # 484 W. M. In 1930 he resided in Greenville County, age 81 with wife Fannie (Branyon) age 77. (Smallwood J.-4, Smallwood-3, Burrell-2, Randolph-1)

428  T. J.   (Thomas Jefferson) 
Co G,  21st Rgmt, SC Inf, born 1847/8 SC , born 1848, son of John and Mary (Hunt) Dalton, brother to #35 Andrew J. and #251 Jesse, wife Julia. (Thomas J.-4, John-3, Solomon-2, Robert-1)

484  W. M.  (William McCrager)
Pvt, Co I,  3rd Rgmt, SC Inf. W. M. was a brother of #29 Amos H.   W. M. Born 1836 SC, did not survive the war.  He died of pneumonia at Grove Hospital in Richmond on 5 January 1863. W. M. married Elizabeth "Bettie" Beam. (W. M.-4, Smallwood-3, Burrell-2, Randolph-1)

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North Carolina

7  Alfred Burton
16th NC Inf, Co. H, full Sergeant, enlisted in home county of Macon Co., NC, 14 May 1861. Discharged for chronic Bronchitis 15 June 1862. His occupation was a carpenter. Enlisted again 5 Mar 1863 as a Pvt; trasferred to 65th NC Inf, Co. E. Son of John “Jackie” Dalton.

6 and 25  Alfred B.  [Baline]
Pvt Co. A, 7th Btn NC Cav, resided in and enlisted Macon Co NC, 5 Mar 1863 for duration of the war, transferred 3 Aug 1863 to Co E, 65th Rgmt, NC Cav (also the 6th Rgmt, NC Cav), appointed 1st Sgt Jan-Apr 1864, present through Nov 1864, born c1831, son of John and Milly, both born Rutherford Co NC. Not married in 1880 Macon Co.

9 and 36  Andrew J.
62nd NC Inf, Co. F, captured Cumberland Gap 2 Sept 1963, sent to Camp Douglas IL, in Chicago.

36  A. J.   [Andrew Jackson]
62nd Regiment, Company F, NC Inf., b. abt 1834, Crooked Creek (Old Burke) now McDowell Co NC, d. 12 Sept 1864, Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL, buried Oak Woods Cemetery, Confederate Mounds, Chicago, IL.

74  Charles R.    [listed as Charles P.]
Cpl, Co H 13th Rgmt, NC Inf, “Rockingham Guards,” mustered in as Pvt, wounded at Malvern Hill VA about 1 July 1862, returned to duty by 1 Nov 1862, promoted to Cpl 10 Jan 1863, killed at Chancellorsville VA 3 May 1863. Born 1843 Rockingham Co NC, son of William and Mary (Jones). (Charles R.-5, William-4, Thomas-3, William-2, Samuel Sr-1)

--- G. P.
Co E 3rd Rgmt, NC Inf, Capt Adams’ unit, G. P. age 29, exempted by Confederate Home Guard due to disease of the heart.

160  I. Dalton
Pvt, Co H 3rd Rgmt, NC Inf, “Bladen Volunteers,” paroled at Greensboro 16 May 1865.

172  J. C.    [Johiel Calvin]
62nd Regiment, Company F., NC Inf, b. abt 1832, Crooked Creek (Old Burke) now McDowell Co NC, d. 14 Mar 1865, Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL, buried Oak Woods Cemetery, Confederate Mounds, Chicago, IL.  Sarah Dornbush Dalton, widow of Johiel Calvin Dalton of Rutherford Co NC, applied for pension in 1909 and was granted a pension by the State of North Carolina.

173  Joseph C.    [listed “J. C.”]
62nd NC Inf, Co. F, captured Cumberland Gap 2 Sept 1963, sent to Camp Douglas IL, in Chicago.

174  J. D.   [John D.]
39th NC Rgmt, Co. B. North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster gives the following information: John D. Dalton, age 23, a resident of Macon County, North Carolina enlisted as a Private 19 October 1861 at Macon County, North Carolina. He died of disease at Clinton, TN on 24 April 1862. (John D. - 4, John -3, David-2, David-1)

176  J. G.    [Joseph Grayson]
62nd Regiment, NC Inf, b. 15 Apr 1840, Young's Creek, Rutherford Co NC, d. 7 Mar 1901, Rutherford Co NC. Buried Bill's Creek Baptist Church, Rutherford Co, NC. Note: Interesting story from family descendants. Bill's Creek Baptist Church records do indicate this incident did happen:  Joseph Grayson was drafted during the civil war in the year 1861 and fought along the northern boundary of North and South Carolina and on over into Tennessee. At the battle of Bunker Hill, Tennessee, because of shortage of supplies, clothing and weather he deserted the Army and headed home. Upon arriving home, Grayson, went to Young's Mountain and hid out in a cave for approximately one year. Food and supplies were furnished to this hide-out by the family. On several occasions the Army knowing he had deserted sent Army Officer "Old Blue" looking for him. On one trip the Officer "Old Blue" became angry when Mary refused to tell of Grayson's where abouts and the Officer destroyed and broke all of her dishes and completely dismantled the kitchen.  

222  James
Lt. Col. 45th Rgmt NC Inf

224  James B.
39th NC Inf, Co. B, enlisted 19 Oct 1861 Macon Co., NC. Son of John “Jackie” Dalton and great-grandson of David Dalton, settler. Buried Sheppard Memorial.

233  James P.  [Pickney]
5th Btn NC Cav. From North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 Volume II Cavalry Ref N.C. 973.744 M266N Co A, 5th Battalion N.C. Cavalry Assigned Scotts Cavalry Brigade Dept of East TN (Apr to Aug 1863) Battles=Maynardsville June 21, 1863 Leacher's Ford Company D June 23, 1863 Dalton, James P 1st Sergeant Born in Madison County where he enlisted May 14, 1862 for the war. Mustered in as Private and appointed 1st Sergeant between Dec 31, 1862 and Apr 30 1863. Present or accounted for until he died at Beaver Creek, TN June 29th 1863. (James-4, William-3, David-2, David-1)

241  James T.
Pvt, Co. A 69th Rgmt, NC Cav, enlisted Translyvania Co, mustered in Buncombe Co, reported on a clothing roll for the 3rd quarter of 1864 and on a bounty roll of 29 Sept 1864.

293  John W.
12th NC Inf, Co. E, John W. Dalton, age 23 from Cleveland Co., NC enlisted April 22, 1861 at Cleveland County as a Private. He was discharged for disability on May 14, 1862. (John W.-4, William-3, David-2, David-1)

294  John Z.
1st Lt, Co H 4th Rgmt, NC Inf, resided Iredell Co, enlisted at age 26, appointed 1st Lt to rank from 16 May 1861, wounded in left ankle and right shoulder at Seven Pines VA 31 May 1862, resigned 10 Jan 1863 due to disability from wounds, resignation accepted 16 Mar 1863. John Z. was born in North Carolina on 22 Sept 1835 to Ewel and Sarah Dalton. John married Susan G. Dalton. He died 4 Aug 1908. (John Z.-5, Ewel G.-4, Nicholas-3, Samuel Jr.-2, Samuel Sr.-1)

333  Noah W.   [Wesley]
62nd Regiment, Co F, NC Inf, b. abt 1832, Rutherford Co NC, d. 24 Dec 1863, Camp Douglas, Chicago IL, buried Oak Woods Cemetery, Confederate Mounds, Chicago, IL

339  Nicholas H.
Pvt, Co. H 13th Rgmt, NC Inf, “Rockingham Guards,” enlisted at Rockingham Co. 3 May 1861, promoted to Corporal 6 Nov 1861, reduced to ranks about 26 Apr 1862, mortally wounded at South Mountain MD 14 Sept 1862. Born 25 Nov 1837, son of Ewel Gallihue and Sarah (Strong) Dalton, died 15 Sept 1862 according to military and died 17 Sept 1862 according to the family Bible. (Nicholas-5, Ewel-4, Nicholas-3, Samuel Jr-2, Samuel Sr-1)

375  Richard
Pvt, Co K 16th Rgmt, NC Inf, enlisted 20 Apr 1861 at 25 years of age in his resident Polk Co NC, gave his occupation as farmer, present up to about 6 June 1862 when he died of disease in a Richmond VA hospital.

379  Robert
Cpl, Co K 16th Rgmt, NC Inf, enlisted at age 22 on 20 April 1861 in Polk Co where he lived, mustered in as Pvt, promoted to Cpl Sept 1861-Feb 1863, wounded in the mouth near Seven Pines VA about 31 May 1862, returned to duty before 1 Mar 1863, killed at Gettysburg 1 July 1863.

403  Samuel C.
16th NC Inf., Co. B, Samuel Dalton, age 18 from Madison Co., NC enlisted April 29, 1861 at Madison County as a Private. Promoted to Full Sergt. On Sept. 61-Feb. 63. Reduced to ranks on Sept. 1, 1863, returned from desertion on 23 Apr 1864, court-martialed, returned to duy May-June 1864, deserted to the enemy about 8 Mar 1865, confined at Washington, DC until released about 10 Mar 1865 after taking Oath of Allegiance. (Samuel C.-4, William-3, David-2, David-1)

394 and 404  Samuel G. J.   [Samuel George Johnson]
Pvt, previously served Co G, 21st Rgmt (11th Rgmt NC Volunteers). Enlisted at Germantown NC, wounded slightly in shoulder at Gettysburg PA 1-3 July 1863, transferred to Co F, 19th Rgmt (2nd Rgmt NC Cav), 6 Aug 1864. , captured at Jetersville Station VA 4 Apr 1865, taken to Point Lookout MD, released on Oath of Allegiance 26 June 1865. A shoemaker from Stokes Co., son of Absalm Bostick and Nancy (Poindexter) Dalton. Samuel George was b. about 1843, Stokes Co NC.

--- T. J.
Pvt, Co D 4th Rgmt, NC Inf, “Goldsboro Volunteers” organized in Wayne Co, NC, T.J. enlisted at Camp Vance 10 Oct 1863 for the war, present until he deserted Nov-Dec 1863.

447  Thomas H. P.
Pvt, Co K 63rd Rgmt, NC Cav. resided Stokes Co, enlisted Guilford Co 27 Aug 1862 for duration of the war, present through Aug 1864 when he was absent at home, sick, admitted to Raleigh NC hospital 23 Feb 1865 with rheumatismos chronic, transferred to Charlotte NC 22 Mar 1865, paroled at Greensboro NC 12 May 1865, born 1832.

456  Thorton P.
Cpl., 2nd Rgmt, NC Cav, enlisted Guilford Co. 18 June 1861, mustard in as Pvt, appointed Corporal Fall 1863, present and accounted for through Sept 1864, paroled Greensboro NC 22 May 1865, born 1838, son of Isaac D. and Susanna B. (Marshall) Dalton. (Thorton-5, Isaac D.-4, David Jr. - 3, David-2, Samuel Sr-1)

470  W. M
Pvt, Co F 14th Rgmt, NC Inf, “Rough and Ready Guards” of Buncombe Co., enlisted Buncombe Co NC 3 May 1861, present through Dec 1862, no further records.

505  William A.
16th NC Inf, Co. B, enlisted at Madison Co. NC 29 Apr 1861, as Sergeant; promoted to Full Corpl, rank reduced Sept 1861 - Feb 1863, deserted 3 Mar 1865, took Oath of Allegiance at Knoxville TN. William, b. 16 Apr 1841 Cleveland Co. to William Dalton (William-3, David-2, David-1), d. 11 Oct 1916 Madison Co. NC, buried Runnion-Peek Cemetery, Madison Co., NC, m. Leuranna Catherine Peek in 1863.

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11  A. G.
3rd Cav. (Forrest's), a Shelby County salesman born in AL.

17  Abner
26th Inf., son of Carter J. and Mary A. Dalton of Grainger Co.

27  Alfred R.
2nd Inf. (Robison's), son of Regan P. and Jane Dalton of Sumner Co.

30  Anderson
12th Bn Cav, son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton of Grainger Co.

45  Berry
29th TN Inf., Co. K, son of John and Phoeba Dalton of Hawkins Co. TN; Berry died 1 Sept 1861/6.

65  Carter J.
12th Bn Cav, in Burnet Co. TX in 1880, age 41, son of Tandy and Matilda (Coffey) Dalton of Grainger Co.

55  C. F.  [Charles Fox]
7th TN Cavalry (Duckworth’s) McLennan Co. TX, 616 Maryland Ave., Waco, TX. Filed 29 July 1918, rejected 27 Aug 1918. Charles Fox Dalton died 3 Aug 1900, Bell Co. TX. Married Mattie, 27 May 1867, Itawamba Co., MS. Mrs. Dalton has resided in Texas since 1890 and 8 years in Waco TX. Age 74 years, 8 month (as of 17 July 1918). She did not remember details about her husband’s enlistment but gave his regiment as 17th TN Cavalry under Capt. James Aden. Affidavits given by W. D. Dalton and M. L. Priddy, both of Limestone Co. TX, dated 13 Aug 1918, said C. F. Dalton enlisted in 1862 or latter part of 1861, served to the close of the war under Capt. Jim Aden, in the 7th TN Cav. under Col. Faulkner, and enlisted at Paris TN. Affadavits gave the widow’s first name as Mattie. /signed/ Mrs. C. F. Dalton. Witness: J. S. Brightwell, Sr., and T. S. Buckellow, 26 July 1918 Bell Co. TX, stating they had known Mrs. Dalton for over 20 years. Pension rejected for lack of proof.

79  Coalby
12th Btn, TN Cav

80 and 81 Colby (Colby Timothy)
26th Rgmt, TN Inf, enlisted 16 Jan 1863, sent to Mobile, AL, deserted 21 Jun 1863, caught at Selma. AL. Assigned to C Co. TN Light Artillery (Winston’s Co., Belmont Battery), captured at Blakely Island, AL 9 Apr 1865. Transferred to Ship Island, MS POW camp 15 Apr 1865 then to Vicksburg 1 May 1865, released on 25 May. He was born 4 Mar 1842 Thorn Hill, Grainger County TN. Twin to Hiram [see CSA 159], died 4 Dec 1909, son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton.

94  D. H. [Daniel Harrison]
55th Rgmt, TN Inf (Brown’s), Widow’s Pension #W2708. Daniel and Catherine Crider married in Gibson Co. TN; Catherine and Daniel both b. 1845 Carroll Co. VA/TN?; Daniel d. 1916 Gibson Co. TN.

104   Doctor L.
55th TN Inf, Co. C

124  Enos
4/5th Consolidated Rgmt, TN Inf

125  Enos
26th TN Inf

140  George Washington
Co D, 26th TN Inf, enlisted at Camp Cummings near Knoxville 4 July 1861, captured at Fort Donelson 16 Feb 1862, sent to POW camp near Vicksburg MS. On 30 Apr 1862 George escaped from the prison camp and joined the 31st Infantry until the remainder of the 26th Inf was paroled. He then rejoined the 26th as a Sgt. He served in the 26th until he was captured at Bentonville, S.C. on 19 Mar 1865. He was sent to a POW camp at Point Lookout, Md. He was born 3 Feb 1832 Thorn Hill, Grainger County TN, died 24 Dec 1904, son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton, wife Lottie (Charlotte). George drew a state pension.

145  Green C.
Co I, 59th TN Mtd Inf, enlisted 5 Oct 1862, surrendered by General Pemberton 4 July 1863, paroled 15 July 1863 and rejoined his unit. He served in the 59th until captured at Staunton, VA 8 June 1864. He was sent to a POW camp at Indianapolis, IN, then transferred to Point Lookout, MD. He was born Oct 1840 Thorn Hill, Grainger County TN, death date unknown, son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton.

147  H. C.   [Hiram C.]
7th Rgmt, TN Cav (Duckworth’s), son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton of Grainger Co..

159  Hiram Dalton
Co I, 59th TN Mtd Inf, enlisted 15 Oct 1862, s urrendered by General Pemberton 4 July 1863 , on July 15, 1863 he was paroled and rejoined his unit, served in the 59thth until he returned to Bristol after serving and being wounded in the Shenandoah Campaign. He was sent home to recuperate and take his brother’s horse home. The war ended before he was set to return. He was born 4 Mar 1842 Thorn Hill, Grainger County TN, died 7 Jun 1916, son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton. Pension # S10318, Grainger Co.

165  Isham
29th TN Inf, b. 1836, d. 1919, son of William and Sarah Dalton of Hawkins Co. TN, m. Margaret Bernard 1873 Hawkins Co. TN. Isham’s TN Pension #S3688; Margaret’s Widow’s TN Pension #W7266.

14-Dolton -   Israel Thomas (listed as "I. T.")
27th TN Inf, may be Thomas in Bailey’s consolidated Rgmt. Applied from Tipton Co., TN, Pension #S11070.

255  John   [J. C.]
9th (Ward’s) TN Cavalry, applied from Trousdale Co. TN, Pension #S13747

205  J. R.   [J. Robert]
21st/22nd Consolidated Cav. Co. E and 22nd Cav.

223  James
49th TNInf, Co. I, died 10 Mar 1862

230 James I. (listed as J. T.)
25th TN Inf, from Putnam Co., Pension # S14194 or S1418

240   James Thomas
2nd Rgmt, TN Cavalry (Ashby’s). Widow Elizabeth applied from Knox Co. TN, Pension #W3025.

256  John
26th Inf, living 1880, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bray) Dalton of Grainger Co.

290  John W.
2nd TN Inf, Sgt, died 16 Nov 1865. Wife Jane buried in Dalton Cemetery in Grainger Co.; also under ‘Daulton.’ Son of Meredith and Sarah Dalton of Grainger Co., m. Jane Wolf in 1850. John b. 1825 Grainger Co., d. 1866 Claiborn Co. TN. Widow’s Pension # W1773.

307  Lee   [L. A.]
17th TN Inf, applied from Hamilton Co. TN, Pensions #S15664, S14224, S5876

--- Lacy D.
Rgmt not given, living 1890 [not on Soldiers and Sailors List], , son of Tandy and Matilda (Coffey) Dalton of Grainger Co.

321  Martin
1st Bn, TN Inf. (Colm's) Co. B, b. Ireland, wife Margaret.

335 and 336  Nathan or N. P.
12th TN Cav (Day’s), probably the same as N. P. Dalton of the 12th Cav, Pension #S10778, Son of Colby and Elizabeth (McGinnis) Dalton of Grainger Co., b. 4 Aug 1850, d. 16 Oct 1920. Nathan applied from Grainger Co. TN, Pension #S10778

373  Reuben
37th TN Inf, Pension #S506, applied from Grainger Co. TN

398  Samuel
Co G, 9th TN Cav. (Ward’s)

424  T. B. Dalton and 18 Daulton - T. B.
49th TN Inf., applied for Pension from Todd Co. KY, Pension #S11073
From the Soldier’s Application for Pension for T. B. Dalton: He enlisted November 9, 1861 in Robison (Robertson?) County, Tennessee and served in the 49th Tennessee Regiment, Company C, under Commander J. E. Bailey, and Captain M. V. Fykes. His command surrendered in North Carolina while he was a prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio after he was captured November 30, 1864. He applied for a pension in August 1910, May 1916 and September 1923, but was rejected because he no longer lived in Tennessee. T. B. --Thomas Berryman-- was the son of Tolbert Dalton and Angeline Mathews who married 13 September 1841 in Robertson County, Tennessee. Tolbert's parents were Berryman Dalton and Sarah Cook, both from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Thomas Berryman married Miriam J. Grymes in 1865.   T. B. died 24 July 1927 in Corinth, Mississippi. [service and family records supplied by Barbara Dalton Jones]

--- Thomas
31st TN, Co. K, died 15 Apr 1962 probably from wounds received at the Battle of Shiloh

458  Tobias
29th Inf, Co. K, died Oct 1853 soon after Battle of Chickamauga

481  W. H.
4th Inf, died at Battle of Perryville, Oct 1862

531  William H.
26th Inf and 39th Mtd Inf, Co G, possibly son of Enoch and Jane Dalton of Grainger Co., Pension #S7279

525  William N.   [Nelson]
26th Inf., Widow Elizabeth's Pension #W2775, William son of Timothy and Delphia (Coffey) Dalton of Grainger Co., m. Elizabeth Cope 1860 Hancock Co. TN. William d. 1909 Grainger Co. TN.

530  William T.
39th TN Mtd. Inf, Co. G

531 William V.
Co. I, 20th TN Inf. Captured at Bowling Green KY 4 May 1863, sent to Camp Chase in OH.

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342  O.    [Oscar Valentine ]
2nd TX Inf, Co. E, widow filed from Dallas, Dallas Co., TX., on 31 July 1909. O. V. died 1 Nov 1906, Dallas Co. TX. Widow listed as “Mrs. O. V.” They married 16 Nov. 1866, Galveston, TX. She was age 65 (1909), born in Galveston and resided at 231 Live Oak St., Dallas, TX, for about 30 years. Husband enlisted in Co. E, 2nd Texas Infantry on 1 Dec 1863 and served until end of war. Soldier’s discharge file showed that he was born Baton Rouge LA.



21  Alexander
Co. G, 54th VA Inf (one of only two VA regts that fought in Army of Tennessee), b Carroll Co (Lewis and Lucinda ->Timothy->William), captured at Resaca GA June 1864, POW Camp Douglas IL, rejected for US Army, alive 1898.

28  Amos
11th Bn Reserves, Carroll Co, son of Reuben Sr and Catherine

--- Amos
51st VA Inf., applied from Claiborne Co. TN, Pension #S6260

67  Chapman G.
45th Va Inf., Carroll Co., (son of Martin and Nancy->Reuben Sr->William) , died 8 Aug 1864 as a POW at Camp Morton, Indiana.

82  Coleman J.
12 VA Rgmt, Co. D, conscripted 25 Mar 1962 Patrick Co. VA, POW Burgess’ Mill 27 Oct 1864, at Point Lookout, excanged Aiken’s Landing 28 Mar 1865. Coleman J., son of Coleman and Dolly (Shelton), b. 1837, m. Lavenia Gilbert 26 July 1868.

131  Fleming Dalton   [listed as Felmen. R.]
Sgt, 46th Va Inf, Carroll Co., (son of Martin and Nancy->Reuben, Sr. ->  William), died 1911-1914.

149  Haman C.
42nd Inf, Co. H, enlisted 17 Mar 1862 Patrick Co. VA, wounded and captures 17 Sept 1863 Atietam MD, died Antietam of wounds 20 Oct 1862, son of James Hunter Dalton and wife Nancy Critz, b. 22 Feb 1822 in Patrick Co. VA or Rockingham Co. NC., m. Sarah Critz 4 June 1845.

164  Isham
58th Inf, Co. H, enlisted 5 Sept 1861, Patrick Co. VA, detailed as a teamster Dec 1861, surrendered Appomattox 9 Apr 1865. Isham b. 10 Aug 1827 VA, possibly son of Lacy and Jan (Pickeral) Dalton, m. Mary J., d. Peters Creek, Patrick Co., 30 Nov 1913. Buried Burge-Dalton-Joyce Cemetery, Patrick Co.

237  James R.
58th Inf, Co. H, 2nd Sgt., enlisted Patrick Co. VA, 5 Sept 1861, in Winchester (VA) Hospital May 1862, died there of disease 27 May 1862. James, b. 1836, was son of James Hunter and Nancy (Critz) Dalton.

244  James W.
58th Inf., Co. H, enlisted 5 Sept 1861 Patrick Co. VA, sick 31 Dec 1961, AWOL June 1862, deserted June 1863, court-martialed, sick at home Oct 1864-Feb 1865. James, b. 1834, son of Coleman and Dolly (Shelton) Dalton, m. Sarah “Sally” McCraw 25 July 1855.

249  Jehu
53rd VA,, PVT, Co. I, b. 1832, d. April 10, 1917 both in Pittsylvania Co, VA, son of the Booker Dalton(1812-1881) who married Nancy Mayhew(1810-1881)

338  Nicholas
42nd Inf, Co. H, enlisted 18 Mar 1862 at Tatum’s Store, Patrick Co. VA. Wounded in hip 9 Aug 1862 at Cedar Run, in Charlottesville Hospital 11 Aug 1862, in Lynchburg Hosp. 11-19 Sept 1862, given 25 day sick leave. Returned and in Richmond Hosp. 16 Sept to 23 Nov 1863 with disability. Granted “furlough of indulgence” to visit relatives. On leave through 4 Mar 1864. Capture 12 May 1864 Spotsylvania C.H., at Point Lookout MD 18 May to 3 Aug 1864, in Elmira NY Aug 1864 to 13 Jan 1865 where he died of chronic diarrhea. Grave site 1440. 5 ft 10 in., dark complexion, blue eyes, light hair. Nicholas, b. 1823, son of James Hunter and Nancy Critz, m. Matilda A. Thomas 6 Dec 1848 Patrick Co. VA.

360  Peter Washington
42nd Inf, Co. H, 1st Lt., enlisted 2 May 1861 at Spoon Creek, Patrick Co. VA. Wounded 23 Mar 1862 at Kernstown, in hopsital 24 Mar 1862, present (in company) 19-21 July 1862, in Charlottesville Hosp. with smallpox 11 Aug to 20 Sept 1862. Present 1 Nov 1862, in Richmond Hosp. 13 June to 4 July 1863 with fever, given 40day sick leave to Danville. In Richmond Hosp. 5 Mar to June 1864, Captured May 1864 at Spotylvania C.H. At Ft. Delaware DE 17 May to 20 Aug 1864, sent to Hilton Head SC, held under CSA fire Sept-Oct 1864 on Morris Island, SC. AT Ft Pulaski GA until 19 Nov 1864 then back to Ft Delaware 12 Mar 1865 where he was released on oath 16 June 1865. Peter, b. ca 1842, son of James Hunter Dalton and wife Nancy Critz.

371  Ransom
4th Regt Reserves and Carroll County milita , b. 1820, d. 1900, son of Reuben Sr., Carroll Co.

536  Winchester W.
PVT, 57th VA, Co. D, CSA, b. May 1832, d. May 17, 1911 both in Pittsylvania Co, VA,
son of David C. Dalton (1803-?) and Mary Walden (1812-1844). 

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