Dalton Gang Letter

Volume XIII, No. 1, Winter 2008

1. Queries, Notes, Responses
2. Biography: Gillam Dalton of MO
3. Civil War Records
4. Pittsylvania Co VA Census Index (cont)
5. Dalton Tidbits
6. In Memoriam

1.  Queries, Notes, and Responses

Query: Identity Needed - Grainger County TN
    from Sheri Kelly
Ed: Sheri is a Coffey Researcher and would appreciate any help offered.
1. Robert P. Dalton
1868-1931, probably the son of Nathan Perry and Rebecca Coffey. Robert married Elizabeth Coffey in 1904 at Dry Valley Church. Was Robert also married to Ida and with her fathered Betty, Nathan, and Kate? Did this Nathan have a son Grover?
2. Grover Dalton
Robert's grandson but probably not Elizabeth's. Grover was living with Robert P. and Elizabeth in the 1930 Census, listed as a grandson of the head of household, age 15
3. R. Perry Dalton
1876 - 1969, buried Dalton Cemetery, Bean Station, Grainger Co., married Eva May Shockley in 1907. Children of R. Perry and Eva were Arthur, Lula, William Dexter, Liza, Buena, and Ervin. Was R. Perry also married to Mary Ann Elizabeth Lawson and did he have a daughter Carrie by her?

Note: MO Death Certificates online
   from Agaliha
Just for specific years but available for the first time:

2. Biography: Gillam Dalton

    from Shirley Kovar

Source Location: Mid-Continent Library, Independence, Jackson Co. MO
Book: History of Jackson County, pp. 542- 543

    Gillam Dalton, prosperous farmer, of Blue township, was born on a farm near Independence, Feb. 28, 1863.  He is the son of Henry M. and Nancy Elizabeth (Johnson) Dalton, natives of Kentucky.
     Henry M. Dalton was born Nov. 29, 1821, and died Feb. 16, 1896.  His wife was born May 14, 1834 and died Jan. 26, 1880.  They were parents of 14 children:  Mary A. Hobbs, Colorado Springs, Colo., born Jan 18, 1854;  Mrs. Margaret A Price, Olathe, Kan., born Feb. 20, 1855;   Isabel Ketchum, California, born Sept. 17, 1856;   Mrs. Henrietta Harris, Independence, Mo. born April 17, 1858;   David R. , Butler, Mo., born Nov. 26, 1858;   Jesse, born Jan 16, 1861, deceased;  Gillam, subject of this sketch;   Walter,  Independence, Mo., born March 11, 1865;   Nannie L Dalton, Kansas City, born Jan. 1, 1867;   John M.,  Merrill, Mo. born Oct. 15, 1868;   Lucy J Dalton, Independence, Mo., born Feb. 18, 1870;   Sarah,  deceased,  born Feb. 1, 1872;   Jmes L Dalton, deceased, born Sept. 19. 1873; one child died in infancy. 
     Henry M. Dalton came to Jackson County in the late thirties.  He served under Col. James Doniphan in the Mexican War, as a teamster and returned home by way of New Orleans and was married in Jackson County, Missouri.  His wife was born in Jackson County, Mo.
     Gillam Dalton was married June 23, 1889 to Miss Mary E Bowlin.  The marriage has been blessed with children as follows:
Virgie Ann;  Gladys Ora,  Harley G.,  Rosa Emma,  Marvin Gillam and Frances Claudine.  Mrs. Virgie Ann Browning was born Feb. 1, 1890 and died in October 1918, leaving two children, Viola May and Lawrence Edward.  Mrs. Gladys Ora Darke, was born July 18, 1891, lives in Colorado and has two children Willis and Lucille.  Harley G. born Feb. 8, 1894, is a farmer, married Dec. 19. 1916 to Mary A. Russell and has one child, Mary Louise.  Rosa Emma was born Jan. 18, 1897.  Mrs. Mary Aline Conway was born Feb. 17, 1900 and is living on a farm one and a half miles north of the Dalton place in Blue Township.  Marvin Gillam was born Feb. 10, 1906.  Frances Claudine was born March 24, 1909.  (My note:  It appears that Mary Aline was left out of the listing of children above).
     The mother of the foregoing children was born within one half mile of her present home, Aug. 15, 1867 and is a daughter of Jacob G. and Mary E. (Frans) Bowlin, natives, respectively of Kentucky and Virginia.  Jacob G. Bowlin was born May 24, 1837, an died Jan. 17, 1890.  He accompanied his parents to Missouri when but a child and was a son of George Bowllin, one of the first pioneers of Jackson County,  Mary E. (Frans) Bowlin was born Apr. 29, 1840, and died Jan. 21, 1912.  She was a daughter of William Frans who entered a considerable acreage of government land, much of which is still owned by his descendants.  Mrs. Dalton owning 59 acres of the original Frans land.
     The children born to Jacob G. and Mary E. Bowlin are:  George W. born Dec. 29, 1859  died Aug. 25, 1909;   Nancy E., born Feb. 5, 1862, died in infancy;   Albert C., born June 26, 1864;   Mary E., born Aug. 15, 1867;  Lillie A., born Oct. 15, 1868, died July 8, 1898; married a Phelps;   Lulu M wife of Marion Phelps, Blue Springs, Mo., born Oct. 8, 1871;  Mrs. Ella J. Turner, on a farm one mile east of the Dalton place, born May 14, 1873;  Mrs. Agnes E Ward, born April 8, 1875, Huntsville, Mo.,;  Nora, on the home place, born July 18, 1877;  Sarah Emma, born Dec. 2, 1879 ;  Leslie M., born June 17, 1883, died in infancy; Jacob Bowllin and his wife settled on the Frans land and there built their home and reared this large family.  At the time of his death, Mr. Bowlin owned 1,100 acres of good farm land and was accounted one of the wealthiest citizens of Jackson County.
     After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Gillam Dalton lived on rented land for some years and on April 28, 1892, they purchased their present place upon which they have placed all of the improvements.  Their combined ownership of land will exceed 324 acres.
     Mr. Dalton is a Democrat and the family are members of the Baptist church.  Mr. and Mrs. Dalton have many warm friends among the old families of Jackson County and are prominent in the county.

3.   Civil War Records

Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications: Soldiers and Widows
    from Shirley Kovar
For more details, go to this website. Note: the URL has changed for TN Archives: http://www.state.tn.us/tsla/history/military/index.htm

Editor's Note: Don't miss the important and helpful information about the Civil War Pension Applications of Tennessee at the webpage above. Also see the link to a Sample Application at the end of the same page.

Dalton, Amos, Pension #S6260 - Claiborne Co.
Dalton, Colby, Pension #S6347 - Grainger Co.
Dalton, Daniel Harrison, Widow Pension (Catherine) #W9892 - Gibson Co.
Dalton, Harram, Pension #S10318 - Grainger Co.
Dalton, Isham, Pension #S3688 - Hawkins Co.
Dalton, Isham, Widow Pension (Margaret) #W7266 - Hawkins Co.
Dalton, Israel Thomas, Pension #S11070 - Tipton Co.
Dalton, J. T., Pension #S13747 - Putnam Co.
Dalton, James Thomas, Widow Pension (Elizabeth) #W3025 - Knox Co.
Dalton, L. A., Pensions #S 15664, 14224, 5876 - Hamilton Co.
Dalton, N. P., Pension #S10778 - Grainger Co.
Dalton, Reuben, Pension #S506 - Grainger Co.
Dalton, T. B., Pension #S11073 - Todd Co. KY
Dalton, W. H., Pension #S7279 - Grainger Co.
Dalton, William Nelson, Widow Pension (Elizabeth) #W2775 - Grainger Co

Book: Civil War Sketches and Incidents, Compiled by the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Published 1902 by The Commandery, Utah

If you have access to Heritage Quest Online, this book can be found under the Book Tab there. It has Civil War military stories which cover most regions and states of the US. Spend a little time reading these reports if you research the Civil War. There are some fascinating first-hand accounts.

~ Georgia Confederate Soldiers
J. R. Dalton, 7th Regmt, Georgia Infantry
B. B. Dalton, 13th Regmt, Georgia Cavalry
C. W. Dalton, 24th Regmt, Georgia Infantry
Christopher Dalton, 22nd Battalion, Georgia Heavy Artillery
D. C. Dalton, 13th Regmt, Georgia Infantry
D. D. Dalton, 1st Regmt, Georgia Reserves
D. E. Dalton, 1st Regmt, Georgia Infantry (Local Troops: Augusta)
E. D. Dalton, 17th Regmt, Georgia Infantry
E. P. Dalton, 13th Regmt, Georgia Cavalry
Frank A. Dalton, Phillips' Legion, Georgia
Harrison Dalton, 12th Regmt, Georgia Cavalry
Isaac F. Dalton, 12th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery
    son of Isham and Elizabeth (Lyle), b. 1845, with parent 1850 Cobb Co. and 1860 Coweta Co.
    on 1867-8 Voter & Oath Bks, Baldwin Co. GA
J. [Jesse] Dalton, 11th Regmt, Georgia Infantry,
    son of Claiborn and Eliza Dalton, b. 1838 GA , married Margaret A., b. 1840 GA
J. M. Dalton, 12th Regmt, Georgia Cavalry (Robinson's State Guards)
M. H. Dalton, 4th Regmt, Georgia Cavalry (Clinch's)
Peter Dalton, 3rd Regmt, Georgia Cavalry (State Guard)
    son of James and Frances of Walton Co., both b. SC. Peter b. 1830 GA.
Rudolphus Dalton, 28th Battalion, George Siege Artillery
Septimus Dalton, 37th Regmt, George Infantry
T. L. Dalton, 1st Regmt, Georgia Infantry (Olmstead's)
T. L. Dalton, 18th Battalion, George Infantry
Thomas Dalton, 4th Regmt, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
W. R. Dalton, 1st Regmt, Georgia Militia
William Dalton, 54th Regmt, Georgia Infantry
William Dalton, 38th Regmt, George Infantry
William H. Dalton, 16th Regmt, Georgia Infantry
Wm. J. Dalton, 38th Regmt, George Infantry

~ Georgia: Walton County
Source: http://content.sos.state.ga.us/

To the Ordinary of said county
The petition of Jesse Dalton - a resident of said county - respectfully shows that he is maimed indigint [sic] Soldier within the meaning of the act of the General Assemby [sic] approved March 12th 1866 that he was a private of Company “H” Eleventh Georgia regiment in the Confederate service - that he is 26 years of age light hair Blue eyes fair complexion 5 feet 6 inches high - that he received a gun shot wound by accident on the 7 June 1862 from the effects of which [found?] - he lost his left fore arm the same being amputated in the upper third of the same - that his present business or occupation is that of Farming - that he is unable from poverty to procure an artificial limb in the place of the one so lost whilst in duty with his regiment
    Jesse (“X”) Dalton

Personally came before me at chambers Novr 19 - 1866 Jesse Dalton when upon oath says the facts & statements set forth in the forgoing petition - are true. Jesse (“X”) Dalton

Sworn to& subscribed before me: Jesse Mitchell Ordinary

I James W. Tillman a citizen of said county certify that I am well acquainted with Jesse Dalton whose application for an artificial limb preceeds this and the statements therein set forth are true.
Novr 19 - 1866     J W. Tillman /s/

4. Census Records: 1930 Index, Pittsylvania County, Virginia (cont.)


1930 Census: Rolls & Districts

Roll 2454:

Gretna Pigg River (Northeast)
Chatham (Northwest) Pigg River (South)
Chatham (Southeast) Staunton River (Northeast)
Chatham (Southwest) Staunton River (Southeast)
Staunton River (West)  

Roll 2455:

Tunstall Dan River (Northwest)
Tunstall (Schoolfield) Dan River (North Central
Banister (Middle) Dan River (Middle)
Callands (Northeast) Dan River (South)

Roll 2467:

Danville (1-Ward) Danville (6-Ward)
Danville (5-Ward)  


Names underlined: from official Census Index, usually Heads of Household
All other names: Daltons within households
* - used the spelling 'Daulton'

Dalton - *Daulton -- District -- Census Page
(continued from Vol XII, No. 4)

N. Gilbee (f) -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 209
Nada -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 203
Nancie C. -- Pigg Rvr (South) -- 189
Nancy -- Tunstall (Schoolfield) -- 146
Nancy -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 204
Nannie C. -- Callands (NE) -- 68
Nannie K.* -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 255
Nat W. -- Pigg Rvr (South) -- 180
Ned/Nat L. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 173
Nettie L. -- Dan Rvr (NCentrl) -- 95
Newman W. -- Chatham (NW) -- 85
Nicholas V.* -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 255
Noel G. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 178
Nolie D. (f) -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 171
Nora/Mira P -- see Mira/Nora P.
Norma (m) -- Chatham (SW) -- 139
Normie (f) -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 208
Norris (f) -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 208

O. G. -- Staunton Rvr (NE) -- 237
Obey -- Dan Rvr (NCentrl) -- 95
Odlie -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 170
Ola (f) -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 195
Oliver E. -- Tunstall -- 10
Ollie -- Chatham (NW) -- 84
Ollie (f) -- Dan Rvr (South) -- 171
Ollie C. -- Chatham (NW) -- 85
Ollie D. -- Chatham (NW) -- 85
Ollie V. -- Dan Rvr (South) -- 171
Ora -- Tunstall (Schoolfield) -- 181
Oral -- Tunstall (Schoolfield) -- 181
Osborn -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 195
Oscar -- Staunton Rvr (NE) -- 237
Oscar -- Tunstall -- 156
Oscar A. -- Staunton Rvr (NE) -- 227
Oscar B.* -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 255
Oscar S. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 168
Oscar W. -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 199
Osie (f) -- Tunstall -- 233
Oteara D. (f) -- Tunstall (Schoolfield) -- 181
Otho -- Tunstall (Schoolfield) -- 149
Otho B. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 171

Paul M. -- Staunton Rvr (NE) -- 232
Pauline -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 166
Pauline -- Dan Rvr (Middle) -- 156
Pauline -- Dan Rvr (South) -- 184
Pearl -- Dan Rvr (Middle) -- 156
Pearl H. -- Chatham (NW) -- 86
Pearl S. (f)vPigg Rvr (NE) -- 170
Pearlie -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 211
Percy G. * -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 256
Percy H. -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 246
Pershira? -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 170
Pomp -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 209

Raleigh G. -- Dan Rvr (NCentrl) -- 95
Rayline (f) -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 170
Raymond C. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 172
Raymond R. (bl) -- Tunstall -- 124
Reba C. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 170
Rebecca R. -- Staunton Rvr (NE) -- 232
Reeves H. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 178
Regina -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 199
Reuben G. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 171
Rhel? F. (f) -- Danville (Ward 1) -- 94
Richard H.* -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 246
Richard J. -- Danville (Ward 1) -- 94
Robert -- Danville (Ward 5) -- 235
Robert A. -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 199
Robert F. -- Dan Rvr (NCentrl) -- 125
Roby N. -- Tunstall -- 233
Ronald W. -- Chatham (NW) -- 86
Roos E. -- Staunton Rvr (NE) -- 232
Rosa -- Chatham (NW) -- 85
Rosa (bl) -- Tunstall -- 124
Rosa L. -- Chatham (NW) -- 84
Rosa L. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 165
Roy -- Dan Rvr (Middle) -- 156
Roy -- Chatham (NW) -- 85
Roy -- Dan Rvr (Middle) -- 143
Roy C. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 168
Roy W. -- Chatham (NW) -- 74
Ruban* -- Bannister (Middle Part) -- 16
Ruben C. -- Chatham (NW) -- 74
Ruby -- Chatham (NW) -- 74
Ruby -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 208
Ruby -- Dan Rvr (Middle) -- 143
Ruby -- Danville (Ward 6) -- 291
Russell -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 203
Russell C. -- Pigg Rvr (South) -- 181
Russell C. -- Tunstall -- 233
Russell E. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 175
Ruth -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 200
Ruth -- Tunstall (Schoolfield) -- 149
Ruth E. -- Pigg Rvr (NE) -- 172
Ruth N.* -- Staunton Rvr (SE) -- 255
Ryland -- Staunton Rvr (West) -- 205

    ~continued next issue~

5. Dalton Tidbits

Millie Ann Daulton Reeves Family
    from Pat Setser
Millie Ann Daulton married Melvin Reeves. Their children were:
Evert, b. 1882
Effie, b. 1886
Andrew Jackson, b. 1891
Glenn, b. 1893
Kilby, b. 1898
Delia, b. 1900
On the 1880 Gap Civil, Alleghany Co. NC Census, Robert H., Daniel, and William J. Daulton worked for the Reeves family above.

Dennis Dalton of Ireland
    from Bob Dalton
In a Sacramento County, CA, History of 1890, was listed a Dennis Dalton, born c.1846 in Ireland. The Dalton family first settled in Cheshire, MA, but moved to California in 1869. Dennis married Catherine F. Mahone in 1872. A brief family line follows:
1...Unidentified Irish Parents
2.....William P. Dalton of San Francisco
2.....Dennis Dalton, 1846 - 1908
    + Catherine F. Mahone, 1832 - 1905
3.....Edward F. Dalton, 1874 - 1934
    + Nellie Frances Coy, ? - 1957
4.......John Edward
4.......Dennis Harold
4.......Donald Coy, 1897 - 1974
    + Frieda E. Morrison
5..........Barbara Ann
5..........Doris Jeanne
5..........Donald C. Jr
For the complete details on this family, contact the editor and indicate how you are related.

West Virginia Burials
    from Janice Smith
Raleigh Co. WV, Sunset Mausoleum #2, Westview section
George W. Dalton, 20 July 1911 - 24 May 1967
Della Dalton, 30 July 1911 -

Berkley Co. WV
Charles F. Dalton, 2 May 1905 - 2 Oct 1969, Pvt, US Army, WWII

6. In Memoriam

The following relatives in our own and extended Dalton family have died recently.


Vesta Marie Dalton

Mollie Tarter Wallace

North Carolina
Irene Gray Dalton
Brian K. Rowland
Robert Edward Dalton

Betty Jean Wolfenbarger

Larry Gene Worsham
James Alfred Osborne
Shawn Marie Dalton Gann
Reba Dalton Myers
Johnnie Sue Compton
James Ray Dalton, Sr.
Henry Clayton Dalton
Helen Marie Sanders Smith Dalton
Cynthia Maria Turner Walker
Burleigh Mallone Dalton
Michelle Diane Farmer Dalton
Booker Hughes Dalton, Sr.

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