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The newsletter and its subscribers are putting together a collection of Dalton-Daulton-Dolton Civil War soldiers. These records will continue to grow and expand so come back often to check for someone in your family who might have served in either the Union or the Confederate Army.

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If you haven't been to this site before . . .

The Dalton Gang Letters are email newsletters which have been sent to subscribers for the past twelve years and continue to be sent, now as a quarterly newsletter. They form a collection of Dalton family lines and research materials, specifically but not exclusively, for Daltons (of every spelling variation) who came to America. Much of the data is contributed by the subscribers themselves.

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Over the years of the newsletter's existence, many Dalton family lines have been unearthed or clarified; and many are still being researched. Any successes have been a community effort, on the part of the whole Dalton community, for which the editor is extremely grateful. Our work goes on. . .








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